Google Business Profile / Google My Business (GMB) Glossary

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  • 20/08/2021

Find here all related terms to Google My Business (GMB). It's the first GMB glossary on the web !

A Google Star rating is a five-star system used to assess businesses based on user feedback. However, customers do leave a business review after dealing with the company, selecting one of five stars (bad) after interacting with the company (excellent).

Account suspended; When your GMB listing is no longer available on Google and Google Maps, or you've lost control of it (your company listing is essentially "unverified" and you can't manage it), you've experienced suspension.

Appointment links;  These Google appointment URLs display on your company listing and lead to particular activities such as online orders, reservations, or appointments, allowing customers to take action right from Google Search or Maps.

Address: The physical location of the business where customers can find and visit the establishment.

Ask a question;  refers to people who come across a company and wish to ask about the services offered that are not specified in the GMB listing or anything else about the company

Attributes: Additional details about a business, such as amenities, accepted payment methods, or accessibility features, that enhance the profile's completeness.

Booking Button: A call-to-action button on a business profile that allows customers to schedule appointments or make reservations directly.

Business Logo: The visual representation of the business used for branding and recognition purposes.

Business profile It's the Google My Business database listing you make for your business for free. Some of the information in this listing is contributed directly by you, such as your name, address, phone number, hours of operation, website, category, photographs, and description.

Claim business profile; It's a chance to double-check everything, including your address, phone number, and a map to your business's location. When a business already exists in Google's database and appears in search results, this happens. If the information in Google is erroneous, Google allows the business owner to take control of that business in Google My Business and modify some of its details if necessary

Direct Messaging: A feature that allows customers to communicate directly with businesses through the Google My Business profile.

From the business; You receive more than just a business listing with a Google My Business account. Your free Google Business Profile allows you to connect with consumers effortlessly.

Google Guaranteed Badge: A visual marker displayed on a business profile that indicates Google's guarantee for certain services provided by that business.

Google Maps is a desktop and mobile app and browser-based service for finding routes and finding businesses and destinations.

Google Business Photos: User-submitted images that showcase a business's interior, exterior, and products, offering potential customers a visual representation of the establishment.

Google Business Profile is a free and simple service that allows businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google's various platforms. Up until 2022 it used to be called Google My Business (GMB) but name of this feature was changed to Google Business Profile

Google My Business app is a free Google feature that helps your local business stand out and attract new consumers. Use the Google My Business app to communicate with consumers and maintain your Google Search and Maps presence up to date. Google anounced that as of 2022 the GMB App will no longer be available, and management of what used to be called GMB accounts, and now is called "Google Business Profile" shall be done directly through Google Maps.

Google postcard verification; It often comprises the business owner requesting that Google send a postcard with a verification number to the company's physical address. The business owner can complete the verification procedure by going online and inputting the code from the postcard whenever it arrives. Usually, it takes less than a week.

Google reviews give you and your consumers helpful information about your company. In Maps and Search, business reviews appear next to your Business Profile, which helps your business stand out. You can ask customers for feedback. You can leave reviews for places you visit on Google Maps. You can also give information or photo updates on a location, such as if it's peaceful and romantic or undergoing renovations. Reviewzerz is a marketplace that connects companies that are looking to buy Google reviews with reviews writers that are willing to help them. 

Health and safety; For some local firms, a new set of health and safety business qualities has begun to surface in their GMB profiles.

Insights: Data and analytics provided by Google My Business that offer valuable insights into customer engagement, visibility, and interactions.

Local Guide: Local Guides on Google are a community of users who leave reviews, exchange images, and add or edit business information on Google My Business listings. Local guides signing to ReviewZerZ can meet companies that are willing to pay them for sponsored reviews

Local SEO: Search Engine Optimization focused on improving a business's visibility in local search results, particularly for users seeking nearby services or products.

More Hours – You may add hours to your business on Goole for unique services or specials.

Operating Hours: The regular business hours during which the business operates and serves customers.

Owner Verification: The process of confirming a business's ownership or management rights to claim and manage the Google My Business profile.

Phone Number: The contact number customers can use to reach the business.

Phone verification is essentially a method of proving that a phone number is valid and operational and determining whether the number does connect to a network and can receive calls. It's another option for Google to verify account holders' details, similar to the postcard, but this time through phone calls or text messages.

Pin dropping; Users can utilize Google Maps to select a location on a map and then drop the pin symbol on that location. Users can then give the site a name and a description before storing it in their personal "My Maps" area. Some marketers use this method as a way to create fake GMB listings in locations to gain more leads.

Posts (in Google profile) ; Google allows companies to upload posts and share statements to their GMB listing that appear in the local panel on Google search and Google Maps.

Primary Category: The primary industry or category that best represents the business's main products or services.

Product; Companies can use GMB goods to display product details that they offer for some time.

Profile Cover Photo: The large image that appears at the top of the business profile, often showcasing the business's ambiance or products.

Q&A Section: A platform where customers can ask questions about a business, and owners or the community can respond with answers.

Secondary Categories: Additional industry or service categories that describe other aspects of the business.

Service area A company that visits or delivers directly to clients but does not serve them at their business address. Cleaning services or plumbers are examples of such enterprises. For the metropolitan area they serve, service-area firms can only create one profile.

Service option; You may be able to add your services, together with descriptions and prices, to Google My Business.

Services; Businesses can add their services to their Google Business Profile.

Special Hours – Enter hours for days when this business operates on an irregular schedule. Consider the following scenario: Holidays.

Verify by mail; When you start the verification process, you'll see the option to "Verify by email" if your company is suitable. Ensure the email address given on the verification screen is correct and that you have access to it before clicking "Verify Now."

Verification code; A Google verification code is a short numeric code delivered to you directly to verify your identification, usually via phone or email or postcard.

Video Verification Video verification is a process used by Google to authenticate businesses and prevent fraudulent listings, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness for users

Website URL: The web address of the business's official website, if available.

Working hours; Section in the GMB where the company lets the customers know the hours of the day during which we usually perform business