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With Facebook being the world’s most popular social media platform, many choose to turn to the app to check out reviews about local businesses. That’s why having a strong, positive image on Facebook is almost quintessential for a business’ success. 

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The Importance of Facebook Reviews

There are 4 major factors related to reviews that affect your
Facebook Rating






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Reviews Score

To say that the entire world is on Facebook is no longer an exaggeration. With over 2.7 billion users, Facebook has become the perfect place to optimize your business’ online presence. Facebook reviews can be written by any Facebook user and are available for the entire public to view - even if you’re not on Facebook. So having great Facebook reviews for your business is extremely important. Let’s take a look at some statistics that help us understand just how essential positive Facebook reviews are:

  1. If the rating is four stars or above on your business’ Facebook page, 90 percent of potential customers are likely to use your business.
  2. If your business has only three-stars on Facebook, this means only 70 percent of potential customers will use the business.
  3. If your business has only two stars, just 25 percent of potential customers are likely to visit the business.

According to these facts, it’s obvious that businesses will experience a decline of trust from potential customers if their Facebook ratings are too low. However, plenty of positive reviews can do wonders for your company and attract tons of customers to your business.

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82% of cunsumers read online reviews for local business, including ninety three percent of people aged 35-54.
48% of consumers only pay attention to reviews written within the past two weeks
50% of local marketers can't put more effort into their online reputation due to lack of time
The purchase likelihood for a product with five reviews is 270% grater than a product with 0 reviews.
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ReviewZerZ helps your business gain positive reviews by connecting you to tons of eager review writers. Our simple-to-use system helps you generate great reviews thanks to:

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Who Can Benefit From ReviewZerZ

Any business who is interested in boosting their online ratings can benefit from ReviewZerZ. For companies all over the world, it has become a go-to platform to buy Facebook reviews for several reasons:

  1. Competitors made an attack on their business by writing false reviews about them on Facebook and forcing the company to fall victim of online defamation.
  2. A brand new business is looking for an initial boost after being listed on Facebook for the very first time
  3. One incident involving a frustrated customer resulted in a bad reviews
  4. Businesses that are looking to gain a significant advantage in a competitive market.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? If so, register for ReviewZerZ to help boost your app’s ratings by generating positive reviews.

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