Google's Stars Ranking

  • Posted by: Admin
  • 06/05/2022

Google's search engine plays the role of a dynamic search system that produces a lot of work for website owners and businesses, there is no arguing that. The system is sophisticated, dynamic, and equipped with a variety of amazing features, including structured data.

Star rating in Google search results

The use of structured data allows us to display the pages of the site in a different and special way, the nature of the display of the page in the search results affects the number of visits to the site. With the addition of unique elements it will be possible to increase the level of demand of the page = CTR You can read more about the effects of CTR

What is a star rating anyway?

Star rating is one of the dozens of built-in options that Google allows us to display, this is mainly reflected in the level of reliability of the page.
The ranking is naturally done by the surfers who rate the page according to the quality, design, content, and message. There is also an option to "rotate Google" and manipulate to raise the rankings, but I do not recommend doing so.
You can see an example:
It is displayed as follows: icon display, rating (1-10), total votes.

What do you need to know before installation?
Needless to say, this feature is not suitable for all sites, but definitely adds a lot to some of them.
Please note that after installation the page speed may be delayed by another 50ms - 1s.
It all depends on your storage server and the way it is displayed, ie implementing a code / installing an external plugin.

How Can the ReviewZerZ Marketplace help you improve your star ranking ?

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Minimum requirements

Two minimum requirements: a fast server (not something serious) and a WordPress system.
2 advantages of installing an external plugin:

Click-to-install - How to install and configure the plugin does not require knowledge, a few simple steps and you are done.

Time saving! No code writing required - When we perform the installation using an external plugin, we save time writing code. A basic code for this purpose can be written within 5 minutes, but also within a full hour,
All depending on the complexity of the code.

The only downside I found is time to call server
When we install a plugin we are actually burdening with additional calls on the server.
Even a simple plugin that has a simple purpose does not only contain your purpose but comes in a package deal (unnecessary codes that can be avoided).