Google Account Blocked: What's Next?

  • Posted by: Admin
  • 06/05/2022

Check out what can be done with suspended Google accounts. Can they be restored? If so How? What are the required steps to restore a Google account ?

If your Google account has beensuspended , you have few options to fight back. If the blocking was caused by possible third-party access, you can contact support.

  1. A ban is usually a suspicion that certain terms of use of the account have been violated.
  2. Violating certain policies on other websites where you have logged in with the account may also result in a ban.
  3. Usually, a ban is not justified and therefore only allows the user to guess what he might have done.
  4. If you think that the blocking was wrong, you have the opportunity to complain and justify yourself using this form .
  5. As the process progresses, employees will check your request and, if necessary, activate the account again.
  6. You will be informed about the status of your account via the e-mail specified in the form.
  7. Once your account is activated, you can use all services associated with the account again.

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