Google Local Guides: What is it?

  • Posted by: Admin
  • 06/05/2022

In this article we explain what Google Local Guides is. Google's program actively rewards you for filling Google Maps with information. These can be photos, test reports or new interesting places. Your job as a local guide

Google wants to provide Google Maps with as much information as possible about places, cities, restaurants, attractions and much more. This is where you come in: As a local guide, you add information to maps and receive compensation in return. Just register on the official "Google Local Guide" website to participate.

As soon as you have logged in, you can, among other things, rate restaurants, upload photos of places and attractions, write reviews or enter entire places from scratch. For this you get points from Google, for which there are then exclusive gimmicks.

That awaits you as a reward

  • You can complete ten levels as a Google Local Guide. Initially, the rewards are limited to badges, but from level 4 onwards, things really get going. The benefits from the previous level are always retained. You can see how many points you need for which level from the infographic on the right. The higher your level, the more impressive your badge will be.
  • From level 4 there are vouchers for Google Play Music and Google Play Movies. Google has not yet announced any other bonuses.

Check out the Google Local Guide reward plan:

Local guide reward plan

We'd like to invite Google local guides to join our local guides community. check out how you can be rewarded by it