How can Google local guides get paid for their reviews?

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  • 06/05/2022

ReviewZerZ is a marketplace that brings together local guides and local businesses that are interested in the guides' reviews and are willing to pay them for those reviews. ReviewZerZ is a marketplace that brings together businesses that want to improve their online ranking score with review writers who are available for hire.

Whenever a company is looking to buy Google reviews  they log in to ReviewZerZ marketplace to find a local guide in their area to whom they are willing to pay

Google Local Guides: Points & Emblems

There is a good probability that Google Local Guides have offered the knowledge that you need to make educated judgments when you visit a new city and look up information about sports centers, large organizations, and religious sites.
Google Local Guides give their honest opinions, as well as images, videos, and other media, for the interest of others who are searching. Virtual prizes are given out to Local Guides in exchange for their services.

Members of the Google Local Guide program are acknowledged for their contributions to Google Maps. Find out how you can sign up for the program and what you need to do to gain points and emblems. For Google Search and Google Maps to have the most recent information about businesses, locations, and points of interest in their respective areas, Google relies on a community of devoted volunteers from all over the world. These altruistic persons are recognized as Local Guides.
Google created the Local Guides initiative as an incentive for everyday people to assist in maintaining the accuracy of Google Maps.
The accuracy of the information that was provided by businesses is another responsibility that falls on the shoulders of Local Guides.
Anyone is welcome to sign up for the Local Guide program, and if they choose to write reviews, they will, of course, be eligible for some sort of reward for their efforts.

What exactly is Google Local Guide?

When you become a Local Guide, your contributions will be rewarded with points by their value. You will be able to advance through the program's levels and earn more badges as a reward for your involvement once you have accrued a particular number of points.
On Google Maps, whenever you leave a review or provide a response, your emblem will be visible next to your name. Whenever you participate in these activities, it will be concise for other users to establish you as a knowledgeable and local citizen.

Levels, Points, and Emblems


Level Points Google local guides reward
Pen down a Review 10
200+ character reviews required 20
Rate a company 1
Add a picture 5
Tagging a picture 3
Submit a video 7
Take questions and answers 3
Correction of information 5
Add one rank 15
Adding a road 15
Verify a fact 1
Release a list of candidates 10
Describe writing 5


As you accumulate more points through the Local Guides program, you'll be promoted to higher levels.

  • You will be awarded an emblem after you reach level four or higher, and it will be displayed next to your name.
  • The following is a list of the degrees of the initiative for local guides

The following is a list of the degrees of the initiative for local guides:

Google Local Guide Level Points
Level 1 0
Level 2 15
Level 3 75
Level 4 250
Level 5 500
Level 6 1,500
Level 7 5,000
Level 8 15,000
Level 9 50,000
Level 10 100,000

Previously, Google provided high-level Local Guides with additional benefits, such as free cloud storage and discounts on purchases made in the Google Play store.
When the program expanded, Google removed all of the supplementary features and now simply provides badges. Local Guides do on occasion have early access to newly released Google features, but Google makes no guarantees in this regard.

Local Guide Levels

Signing Up for Google Local Guides

You must first register for a Google account to take part in the Google Local Guides initiative. Once you have finished the account creation procedure, you will be able to sign in and access your profile. On the left side of the screen, there is a menu titled "Guide Programs" that you can access. Selecting "Google Local Guides" from this menu is an option.

  • When prompted during the login procedure, enter your username and password to access your account if you are already a registered user of Google. If you don't already have one, click the "Create an Account" box and then adhere  to the instructions that appear on the screen. Go to the "Google Local Guides" area of the website after creating your account and click the "Join" button.
  • After that, you will have the chance to give some basic information about yourself. This information will help us match you with local guides who are enthusiastic about having you participate in their programs. You will additionally be asked to agree to our terms of service.
  • Beginning making contributions to Google Maps will get you started earning points. If you give Google permission to examine your location history, you'll get suggestions of new places to check out based on the locations you've visited in the past.

However, turning on location history tracking is not mandatory to take part in Local Guides. All that has to be done is sign up. You always have the option to look for sites manually and make contributions to them. Anyone with a Google
account has access to an easy registration process that can be used to apply for a position as a Google Local Guide.
An emblem will appear next to your name every time you post a review once you have made enough contributions to reach level four, letting other users know that you are a Local Guide.

  1. The Local Guides initiative is Google's way of rewarding people who keep their Google Maps and Accounts updated with pertinent data, recent photos, and insightful reviews.
  2. It's another way to improve your online visibility and increase your visibility in the most widely used search engine on the planet.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What gains do we receive for partaking in Google Maps?

Business owners worry about any review with fewer than 5 stars. ReviewZerZ is an online marketplace that links local guides with businesses in their area interested in their recommendations and willing to pay them in exchange for favorable publicity. We have thousands of high-quality photographs that we have posted. Millions of different devices have viewed our Google Maps images combined. The top Google Maps accounts have a combined total of millions of views on their images. Most people are still unaware of how frequently their smartphone "talks" to Google, whether through the internet or through telemetry included in apps. Public safety, the placement of police stations, hospitals, fire stations, and other government services you might need to visit are other benefits of using Google Maps. A lot of time, Google Navigation works great on highways or in public transportation. The Implementation and enforcement are extremely accurate, and the optional routes are also useful. Google Maps is entirely based on crowdsourcing, with some members of the crowd being far more active and accurate in their factual updates.

Should you pay for Google Local Guides?

If you are concerned about how much information you are handing the tech giant, it is possible that the bargain is not always worth it. However, Local Guide is a program that you should consider looking into if you are interested in either  traveling or checking out the most recent recreation facility to open in your city. Everything is determined by the goals you have set for yourself and the efforts you put forth. If you are hoping to make any money, you will not be successful in doing so.

Don't bother looking for freebies or promotional items because they no longer give them out. You might be motivated by badges and levels of effort, and this might help you find some satisfaction in what you do. Reviewzerz has been in business for close to two years, and during that time we have gathered more than 440 million reviews and 566,000 views of pictures. We are a Level 10 Google Guide. Because of this, we feel compelled to make an effort to sway the opinions of those who base their travel plans on our ratings and reviews.

Is there a page on Google Local Guides where the rankings of the guides are displayed?

NO. They exclusively engage with the Local guide connect page order to get in touch with local guides all over the world. So, the answer is no, they do not have a page like that. When it comes to search engine optimization for local  businesses on Google, this is one of the most essential ranking variables. It is now official that Google has separated Google+ pages from local results, and this change will have an impact on rankings. Google Local Guide isn't just about search engine optimization results; it also brings customers and brand awareness.

A rating is not awarded based on competition; rather, it is a result of participation in a volunteer program. I have included a picture of the notification for your reference. I took a screenshot in order to prevent myself from forgetting to check it up in the event that I cleared my alerts by accident.

What advantages does Google Local Guide offer?

I never look for something in return. When Google tells me, "Hello, your reviews are making a difference," I feel proud. My meager contribution to a massive company like Reviewzerz propels me forward. When I learn that someone from another part of the world has benefited from my gift, I am overjoyed. Furthermore some advantages may include;

  • One can serve as a local guide for your loved ones.
  • Users will understand more about the environs.
  • Users can be notified and given a chance to utilize Google's upcoming goods and technologies before others do.
  • User can take part in discussions, workshops, innovation releases, and many other events held by Google.
  • You may establish a presence among the trillions of Google registered users. Every single Google Map review will be acknowledged and

Is becoming a Google Local Guide worth my time?

There is no universally applicable response to this question because the advantages and pleasures of becoming a Google Local Guide change according to both your region and the community in which you live. On the other hand, some of the potential benefits of working as a local guide include the following:

An increase in visibility for your company or organization: Becoming a Local Guide can assist in increasing your company's or organization's visibility both online and offline, which may result in a rise in the number of consumers and Business.

What can be done to increase the number of points I have as a Google local guide?

This can be done by;

  1. Uploading images to location pages, writing reviews of places, responding to inquiries pertaining to places, editing information pertaining to places, and more. You progress to the next level once you reach a predetermined point  total. You can earn different emblems on Google Maps by completing a variety of tasks, such as amending the pages of locations, writing reviews of locations, or snapping photographs of locations.
  2. By providing content for inclusion on Google Maps. You can give a place a score using ratings, write about your experience using reviews, share images and videos, provide insights using answers, respond to questions pertaining to a  place, add missing places, change information using place edits, or verify information by checking facts.
  3. Engage in conversation with the platform, investigate several companies, Create in-depth critiques and reports. Upload images and provide feedback on questioned pertaining to businesses. As a local guide, the things you do can  earn you points that can be used for prizes. More points awarded for a variety of actions.

What types of images are most popular on Google Local Guides?

photos taken in highly populated or popular areas any location that receives one million visitors per year A device can only see the featured photo if it views the listing. Only featured photos are always visible; the viewer must scroll to see the other photos. Google will email you when your photo is featured, assuming you have notifications turned on.) For photos, turn on GPS.
Toggle the "Are You Here Now?" button. Photo captions should include hashtags. Use keywords to increase the visibility of the photo.
Your photographs of food and beverages can be viewed under "Menu Items." Make a Maps list of four photo locations. Each location you add to your List must have a Maps photo. You can include map images in your list. page views have increased! My Google Maps images have been viewed 440 million times, and several of my featured images are still gaining popularity a year later.

Have fun on your journey. It is unknown which image will be popular. Google prefers images with vibrant colors, sharp focus, and no faces. To avoid using dark images. Avoid using a flash or applying a color filter to your photos. Crop. Too much background is distracting unless it is excellent. Most photographs require contrast adjustment to be clear and bright.

  1. Pictures of the hours of operation;
  2. Pictures of the area and entrances;
  3. Images of the inside "feel."
  4. Menu visuals
  5. Videos and photographs in 360
  6. Illustrations of accessibility elements
  7. Images relating to food
  8. Photographs of the outside and the natural environment

What differentiates Google Local from Google Places?

Comparing Google Places with Google+ Local Business Pages Before comparing these three terms, it helps to understand their similarities. Some examples: Details: Name, description, location, hours, and content are the same on both pages.

Both pages accept images. Both sections allow readers to comment and review your business.

Both pages have expected similarities. Why are they so different? They have different layouts and functionalities. The uniqueness of Google Places Google Maps/Google Search:
Your Google Places information will appear on a Google Map, which will appear in a Google search. The Google local carousel has moved Google+ pages back to the forefront of local searches (e.g., "pizza in Chicago"). You're used to view all of your Google Places information on your Places for Business dashboard. Here you control your Google business information and AdWords.
Google Local Business Pages
Google Places-inspired: A Google+ Business page looks like a Google Places listing, unlike your regular Google+ profile. This attempt to simplify things was bewildering. Google Places and Google+ Business look alike.
Social elements are on your Google+ Business page. Here you can share your Google+ articles so your followers can see them. It's where industry insiders and customers interact. ID: Posts, About, Photos, Videos. Google+ Business has these tabs. If you don't see a video or posts tab, you're not on a Google profile page.

How can I rise in Google Local Guides?

  • Keep rating and posting photos.
  • Don't just rate places; describe them.
  • You should only review places you've seen. Not "excellent" or "wonderful"
  • Be realistic and explain low reviews. It helps others avoid surprises and strengthens It helps others avoid surprises and strengthens businesses.
  • 5 stars only for deserving locations.
  • Answer the Google app's questions or click "Not sure."
  • List all locations. Skip bar/restaurants. Wi-Fi cafes, clinics, and other venues. Google Maps is silly on purpose.
  • Google may check your uploads, so be careful. Be patient and don't want local tips and rewards right away. Perfection wins.

We'd like to invite Google local guides to join our local guides community. check out how you can be rewarded by it