Google Reviews 101

  • Posted by: Admin
  • 04/05/2022

Getting Google reviews is very critical for your business. It helps you boost your rating, pushes your SEO ranking, and helps you understand your customer satisfaction. This article will offer you a guide that helps understand everything about Google Review

What’s the Importance of Google Reviews?

Generally, reviews have a direct effect on your sales. If you get positive reviews, it will improve your sales, while negative reviews sabotage your sales.

Reviews affect your sales in 3 significant ways;


SEO ranking is the key factor that Google uses to rank businesses when there is a search. Hence if your business does not have reviews might not be visible to many potential clients.

Value perception

Customers mostly value the business with many positive reviews to be of better value.

Rates of Conversion

When your business has positive reviews and a higher star rating, many customers will visit for services.

How to Improve Local SEO Through Google Reviews?

Increase the number of reviews

Encourage your local clients to write a review for you, not just give a star rating.

Use of correct keywords

Sensitize your clients to use certain words that other google searchers use when looking for similar services.

Use of positive words

Inform your customers to avoid using negative words while giving you a review.

Improve review frequency

Ensure that your business gets reviews regularly instead of occasional reviews.

Get reviews and ratings from top review platforms

High authority review and rating sites command strong SEO domains; hence this should be the source of your reviews.

Use review snippets

You can use schema markup to show your reviews and ratings on your websites for new searchers.

How Google Reviews Reduce the Cost of PPC?

Adverts that have reviews attract more clicks. According to the research, the seller rating extension can improve your clicks by over 10%. This is because the star will make many clients click on the advert. When the advert gets many clicks, Google will make more money hence reducing your advertising cost. To achieve more reviews, ensure your GMB profile is complete, encourage your clients to review, and ensure all your review profiles are consistent.

What Are the Keys to Succeeding in Google Reviews?


The best way to measure the quality of your reviews is to check the average rating. Your rating should rank on top of your competitor but at least four stars.


Ensure your average rating is made up of lots of reviews. Ensure you have more reviews than your competitor. you can do so by asking your customers to write reviews for you, encorage them to do so by sending them an email, text messages, whatsapp or even give them a call. If needed you can even buy google reviews to assure your reviews flow.


You should ensure your business receives reviews frequently. Your last review should be within 3 to 7 days ago.

How to Get Started?

Creating an account

The main thing to get started is creating a Google My Business account. Ensure you fill in the correct business details corresponding to the review site profile.

Creating the Google Review link

After the GMB profile is ready, you will need to link the customers to review your profile. You can only achieve this through sharing Google Review links with your clients. You can create the link manually through google or via a third-party google review link generator.