Posts on Google Business Profile

  • Posted by: Admin
  • 15/05/2022

One of the key elements to promote your Google Business Profile is wisely using the "From the Business" section. Learn here how to do it

Google posts in the "From the Business" section, pretty much like reviews are a very important element in your Google business listing. Posts have significant value, they will make the business appear more in the search results and get more attention, they will point to Google that you are an active and up to date business and one that should display in high positions and give it more exposure than competing businesses in that field.

You can attract more audiences by creating promotions or even creating products on the business card.

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Golden Tip: It is recommended to publish new articles that came up on the site as a post on the business card, this will help the article be scanned faster and be ranked in better positions - from experience!

Tip # 2: Download and install a WordPress plugin called "WP Google My Business Auto Publish", integrate with your map and the magic will happen on its own - every post / page you upload to the site, you can with one click make it famous in your "Google for Business" . 

Tip # 3: whenever you add a post - make sure all your social networks contact sees it, and share it in relevant groups in every social network platform  you're active.

What Kinds of Posts Should You Post for Your Google Business Profile Blog?

You should post blog posts that are informative, interactive, and reflect professionalism to your readers.

The blog posts you post should be informative, interactive, and professional. When you're posting a blog post, Make sure that your article is clear, easy to understand, informative and covers the subject. Keep in mind that your post should communicate your level of professionalism and authority

Important! You might want to think about how to use keywords in your post.

When writing a post, it's important to include the right keywords. You want to include keywords that are specific or related to your post topic. This will increase the search engine ranking of your post on Google and Google My Business results.