Why is Up To Date Content so Important

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  • 26/05/2022

Up-to-date content for the site is its source of energy and attraction. A dynamic and up-to-date website that is attractive not only in the eyes of visitors but also receives extensive exposure by Google

From the day the internet came into our lives and even more so, when the field of SEO became significant and important to the success of a website, it was clear to everyone that content is king. Without it websites can not survive, without it the surfer will not enter the site and certainly will not stay on it. That is why webmasters constantly make sure to add new content to the site.

But it is not enough just to add new content to the site or to your Google Business Profile, there are rules what this content should be and how it should be built.

First, the content that enters the site must be up-to-date and relevant. Therefore, many times we will make sure that even old content that already appears in it, will receive updates and be renewed.

Second, the content must be neat and clear, readable and written in a beautiful and professional manner, such content that the surfer will find interest in can use. Three, the content must be genuine, meaning meaningful and not content that is only meant to fill the site.

Why is it important for content to be up to date?

Anyone who looks at websites today can identify two types of websites. Sites that have professional and up-to-date content and sites where the content is only meant to fill it. Google prefers the first type of sites, and takes care to help them progress, while punishing the second type of sites.

It makes sense. Ultimately, content is a significant part of a user's perception of user experience. That is, the content we display on the site, its role is to serve the customer. Posting out-of-date and irrelevant content will hurt your user experience. In this way, it is better for the surfer to go to another site, where he will get all the most up-to-date and relevant information for his needs.

As site promoters, we must ensure that the site is constantly updated with new information, and that the old material on the site, will also be pushed back in terms of its advertising, ie will not appear on the home page or first pages in the various categories, and will be updated from time to time. Similarly, whoever comes to it will receive updated information according to the current date and not according to its publication date.

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Parameters in which content can be updated

Usually when it comes to updating old content, it comes down to parameters like prices, product types and their models. In broader aspects, it is also possible to give an update about studies, working methods, statistics and more. New things discovered on the subject and can serve the surfer.

Also the update can be done in the style of the article. You can add subheadings, divide it into paragraphs, incorporate images. Things that will make it much more readable and appropriate for the current design approach, which is certainly more developed than the approach that was prevalent when the article was published.

Finally, it is important to clarify that updating updated websites is not the kind of thing that is done for nothing. You need to plan them well, set a high word threshold (over 400 words), determine the content according to a particular topic, conduct in-depth research prior to writing, and of course look for relevant topics and up-to-date information about them.

What About Posts in Google Business Profile ?

Posting up-to-date posts on the Google business profile is an important matter, and even critical for local businesses.
Companies can update in this section with new services offered by them, new products and special offers
Google encourages its users to reflect what is happening in the business in the business profile, and the Google Business Profile posts section is exactly the place to publish it.
Therefore, and this is very important, keep in mind - the more you update posts in the designated place in the business Google profile, the more extensive this account will be and by the greater number of key phrases.