How Google reviews affect SEO

  • Posted by: Admin
  • 03/08/2021

Can Google reviews affect your local SEO listing ? Will reviews affect your ranking ? Learn more about reviews and their importance for your GMB listings

When it comes to SEO, Google reviews can affect the position of SEO of a company. Good reviews do not have a direct effect on SEO whether they are negative or positive. However, it is good for any business to have good reviews than bad ones. The following are reasons are why positive Google reviews about a company help;
  • Google trusts the customers more than it trusts the company - Google relies on the feedback of the customers more than the word of the company when setting up SEO. Good reviews translate to better SEO, and companies with good reviews are popular among local rankings.
  • Good reviews equal more clicks - Customers trust reviews, and if your company has good reviews, many people will visit your site. Google will note this as it believes if many people are visiting your site, you are doing something right. All this increases the SEO of the company.
  • Google reads the sites - Google reads the information on sites frequently when a company posts good reviews from customers on their site. Then, Google picks the content which helps add SEO value to the company's site.