Google Reviews Disappeared? Here’s Why

  • Posted by: Admin
  • 27/09/2021

Read here about the reasons that may have lead the sudden disappearance of many of your Google My Business listing reviews, and how you can overcome the great loss of positive reviews

Google Reviews Disappeared? Here’s Why

If your Google Reviews failed to show up as you expected them to, it could be as a result of two things.

  1. An issue with listing on Google My Business (GMB)
  2. An issue with the way your reviews are formatted.

In this article, we will share a few scenarios that can lead to the disappearance of your Google reviews as stated above.

It is important to note that Google is the only entity that people pay attention to while deciding whether your brand is worth their effort and resources.

You want your Google listing to have numerous reviews. It acts as the solid proof that people are always on the lookout for while making their shopping decisions.

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My Google Reviews are Absent

  1. Google disabled them temporarily

This is a phenomenon that most businesses have little control over. In the early onset of the pandemic, customers couldn’t leave new reviews for businesses. The functionality was enabled as the month of May 2020 ended.

Regardless of the issue at hand, businesses shouldn’t cease to request their customers to leave a review.

  1. Outdated and inaccurate information

Incorrect listings reduce the reviews and drive customers away. Luckily, you can easily edit your information on GMB.

The ‘Info’ segment on the dashboard allows you to input your business number, operating hours and address.

  1. Duplicate listings

Ensure that your location isn’t duplicated elsewhere. Often, this involves getting rid of a review that denotes a listing that isn’t affiliated or owned by you.

Duplicate listings can be identified by searching the exact name and address of your business on Google Maps.

Reporting the listing to Google Maps will fast-track its removal.

Problems arising from review formatting

  1. Reviews labeled as spam

Google is stringent when it comes to review spam. This serves to uphold quality across the entire network.

Your reviews could have been in violation of its policy, hence their disappearance. It may also happen if users continue to claim that the reviews are inappropriate.

After investigations into the allegations, the review may be deleted permanently.

  1. Lack of authenticity in reviews

In an attempt to manipulate the online reputation of a brand, Google reviews may be bought to cut the line. This is against Google’s policies, and will lead to removal of the reviews.

There’s no need to buy reviews, as all that is needed is to request the customers to leave a review. This is an organic way of building brand reputation and your search visibility.

  1. Reviews containing URLs and links

Google is known to disband responses and reviews that contain any form of links.

Luckily, users and reviewers can view their original posts, allowing them to edit the reviews on your Google My Business listings. Omitting the links automatically filters them out of the digital axe employed by the tech giant.