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  • 14/07/2022

Are you willing to increase your customer reach? Then optimizing Google My Business is no longer just a practice to engage in but a necessity for your business. The number of google searches keeps increasing every day. Therefore, optimizing Google My Business is a great way to attract more customers to your page. This article highlights the steps you can follow to achieve all these procedures.

What Are Steps to Optimize Google Business Profile?

Recognize the importance of a Google My Business profile.

There are plenty of advantages to having an optimized Google Business profile. Some of the advantages include;

  • Increases visibility during Google search
  • Improves your customer experience
  • Increases your business traffic

Create a Google My Business listing for your company.

There is a very simple process you can follow to create or ask for your Google My Business listing if you don't have one.

  • Search for your business on Google Maps.
  • If it's not there, you have to create a Google My Business listing
  • If it exists, click on "Claim this Business."
  • Enter the basic details for your business
  • Choose the business category and verify the Google My Business
  • If the business does not appear, you should click on "Add Your Business" to create the Google My Business.

Add the business details and descriptions

Type the characters that well describe your business while emphasizing the business history and services you provide. Avoid using links in the description but keep the description with enough keywords.

Use quality pictures

Google states that Google My Business with images attracts more clients than those who don't have photos. You can add various photos, such as logo photos, profile photos, and cover photos.

Update your schedules

Ensure that your Google Maps indicates your business's hours to avoid customers visiting during closing hours. When you log in to your account, you choose the business, then info, and add special hours for you to state when operating.

Ensure messaging feature is on

The messaging option enables the customers to text you instead of calling. You can activate the messaging option through;

  • Downloading the GBM app for iPhone.
  • In the app, open the business location.
  • Click on the "customers" then "messages," and "turn on."

Go for Google Reviews

Reviews play a very big role in your Google My Business profile. The more positive Google reviews you have, the more your clients put their trust in you. Also, ensure that you reply to all the reviews to impress your clients more. The following is how you can get google reviews;

  • Check if your customers are satisfied
  • Share direct links to customers
  • Keep following up with your clients
  • Send the review request regularly to customers
  • Make the process automatic

Offer appointment URLs, if necessary

If your business requires regular bookings, ensure that the booking URLs are attached to your Google My Business profile. You will be required to partner with a booking provider for this option to run well for your Google Maps.

Add your products and services

It is very important to include your products, services, and menu on your Google Maps. This is how you do to add the products and services;

  • Login to Google maps
  • Select your business, then info.
  • Click services, then add your products and services.

Promote your business through Google Maps

Frequently post to Google Business Profile to notify consumers about promotions, offers, and events. This also informs Google that you are constantly using their system. Follow the following procedures to create a Google Maps post;

  • Login to Google maps, then select "Create Post."
  • Choose the post type
  • Insert the pictures
  • Add text and a CTA
  • Click the preview and then publish