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  • 28/04/2022

Sometimes deleting a Google Review is inevitable; hence you need to learn the fastest and most effective way of achieving all this. In this article, we are offering you the easiest steps to follow while deleting the Google Review.

What Are Steps in Deleting Google Review?

Understand if the Google Review goes against Google policy

You can only delete a review if it can be proven inappropriate. You will only show a review as inappropriate if it goes against the google policy. We have a checklist to see what makes a review violate the google policy. Some inappropriate reviews include off-topic reviews, fake reviews intended to manipulate your star rating, illegal content, reviews promoting violence, sexual abuse, written by former employees or competitors, etc.

If the review violates google policy, follow step 2 to delete it, and if it cannot be deleted, you can proceed to step 3 to turn it positive.

Deleting a review that violates google policy

Here is how to delete a review;

Mark the review as unsuitable.

Follow the following steps to mark a google review as inappropriate.

  • Login to your GMB account, then open the location with the review.
  • Select “Reviews” on the menu.
  • Tap the 3-dot menu to initiate the review deletion.
  • Click “Flag as inappropriate” for google to be alerted of deletion.

Google will take a few days as the request is being processed.

unsuitable reviews

Reach out to the Google support team

If Google does not delete or respond within some days, you can reach out to the support team to expedite.

  • Login to your GMB account.
  • Click “Support” on the menu.

Address it as a legal issue

If the Google support system does not delete the review, you can now turn to address the issue as a legal matter. This will work if the review violates any part of the law. Some of the law sections that the review can violate include copyrights or committing slander. Try using Google’s legal removal system before looking for a lawyer.

Find a lawyer

If Google has not yet deleted the review, you can move to get your lawyer involved. Google will comply if the judge rules in your favor.

If the review is not deleted even up to this stage, you have to move to the option of turning a bad review into your favor to impress your potential clients.

Translate a bad review into a better one

Here is how to turn a bad review into a good review for your business.


Ensure you reply to a customer quickly before things escalate to show them your commitment.

Reach out to the reviewer

Get in contact with the client to apologize and try to dissect the root of the issue.

Request update of the review

Once the client is satisfied, you can ask them to edit or withdraw the google review.

Reply using the best damage tool

Your future customers matter more than the negative review you have. Therefore, you need to create templates that give the best response to any negative review you receive.

Get more positive reviews

The easiest way to deal with negative reviews is to attract more positive reviews to have a better overall score. Reach out to as many customers as possible to know how they value your services and ask them to review if you find them satisfied. Alternatively you can buy Google reviews from local reviews writers that got listed to our marketplace and are willing to help companies who's reputation is damaged by negative reviews.