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  • 17/04/2022

If you reach out to customers well while requesting Google reviews, you can get reviews that can promote your sales in a big way. For your reviews to impact, you need to consider quality, quantity, and recency. This article will take you through how to get Google reviews that will return results for your business.

Ask every customer for review in an automated way

The numbers are key when it comes to reviewing. You will have to ask every customer for a Google review to maximize the number of reviews you receive. You need to be aware that asking every customer for a review might land you into unhappy customers who will give you negative reviews. Also, emailing every customer will be time consuming. Therefore, the solution will be automating the process. You can reach out to a third party that automates the process to help.

Optimize the conversion rate

If you request a Google review from your customer, there is no guarantee that they will write the review for you. Many customers will not take the time to write a review. The best way to increase your response rate is by improving the message in your review inquiry emails and text messages.

You can achieve this by ensuring that you send personal messages instead of formal text. Ensure that your message is brief and appealing. Follow-up messages will help to increase the conversion rate. Appreciate the customer for working with you and for their response. You also need to ensure that your Google review link is working well for you to receive a higher conversion rate.

Verify the customer satisfaction first

It is very important to first talk to your client in private to see their level of satisfaction before asking them for a Google review. Ask the customer to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 5; if they give a rating above your average rating, you can send them a Google review link. If the customer is not satisfied, get feedback from them and try to address the issue until they are ok. This will help get reviews that will aid in your business marketing and avoid so many negative reviews that will harm your business reputation.

To adhere to Google's policy of not requesting reviews from only satisfied customers, ensure that you also ask for reviews from customers who are not satisfied with your services.

Ensure you have recent reviews and avoid bulk reviews.

Google is the most popular site where customers come to search for a business. The platform has been working to ensure that all reviews on the site are genuine. If the team suspects any unusual spike in reviews, it will pull them down.

Therefore, don't accumulate reviews; instead, deal with every customer after completing the business. You can also send reviews on a daily or weekly basis. Sharing the Google review link daily will also help improve the conversion rate.

Convert the Google reviews to sales

The "local pack" and Google Ads are the finest approaches to converting Google reviews into sales. Google will use the reviews to put the business in the local pack where only businesses with the higher rating will appear at the top. Google reviews help your Google Ad do well in increasing sales and reducing the cost per click.