How to Respond to Google Reviews ?

  • Posted by: Admin
  • 27/12/2022

Replying to your customers' Google Reviews is very critical as a drive to earn your customers' trust and increase your star rating. The response to reviews can also attract so many other new clients.

What Are Reasons to Respond to Google Reviews?

The response helps your business gain more reviews and a strong star rating. For instance, when hotels initiated responses to TripAdvisor reviews, they attracted 12% more reviews, which increased sales.

How Can You Reply to Negative Reviews?

If the negative review goes against the google policies, you have to find out how to remove that google review; if the bad review is not against the google policies, then you have to find out how to respond to that review in a way that brings the most out of that.

What Are Keys to Responding to Negative Reviews?


You have to be faster in replying to your clients, more likely within 24hrs. Replying quickly displays your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Talking offline

If you have your customer's contact details, you can reach out to them offline or, in the review, request them to get in touch with you. When the client is satisfied with the communication, you can add the response to the review for the rest to see.

Offer details or solutions

You have only two options in case of a negative review, either give a solution or give more details that will draw customers close to a solution.

Improve permanently

To avoid future negative reviews, you ought to solve the issue raised permanently. You can highlight the steps you have taken to achieve a long-lasting solution.


You have to respond like the owner of the business. Use first-person while replying.

Be sympathetic

When you are sympathetic to your customer, they stop their anger towards the business and come on board to assist in coming up with the solution.


Take the blame and show that you are responsible for the mess caused.

Positive attitude

Avoid engaging in exchanges with your customers in reviews; instead, focus on creating a solution.

Brief responses

Give a very short response to the client that can turn them happy while impressing the potential clients.


When you have made your client happy, you can request them to withdraw their negative review.

How Can You Reply to Positive Reviews?

Responding to positive reviews is also key in attracting more reviews while making your clients feel appreciated.

What Are Keys to Responding to Positive Reviews?


Putting down your response as fast as possible displays your commitment to your customer.

Sincere gratitude

Avoid sounding too formal and sarcastic; instead, show your sincere appreciation to your customer. Insincerity might turn your customer unhappy.

Personal Connection

Address the customer by their name and experiences they are expressing to create a bond between the business and customer.

Brief responses

Avoid taking much of your customer's time by writing too long a response. It might annoy them instead of impressing them.


To push your SEO efforts, use keywords while responding to the google reviews.

Reward customers

When your customer gives a positive review, you can appreciate them with offers and discounts from the business.

Call to Action

You can take advantage of Google reviews to request the client to visit your business again while assuring them of a better experience in the future.


Responding to your customer reviews is a necessity; hence should never be ignored if you want to win more clients and increase your star rating.