This Reputation Management Tool will Blow Your Mind

  • Posted by: Admin
  • 12/01/2022

If your company offers reputation management services- this tool will absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND. Check this out


Hi Guys,

If your agency offers Online Reputation Management Services You will LOVE this ORM tool:

It's a bot that simulates human browsing behaviour. Originally it was made to boost your websites analytics & search console data, but it's coolest implementation is for Online Reputation Management agencies.  This is what it does:

  • Step 1: Run a search query in Google
  • Step 2: Browse to the undesired result, stay there just a few seconds, and click the back button in the browser back to the Google search results
  • Step 3: Click in Google's SERP results again- this time on the desired result, stay there for a longer period of time, browse in it (and even fill up a form).
  • Last but not least - The above 3 steps can be multiplied by many many times from different IPs, geo-targeted from all over the world

What will be the impact, you're asking ?

Using this reverse SEO technique (along with other SEO activities) - undesired results will lose their position in top Google's search results. Ideal for Online Reputation (ORM) Agencies struggeling to remove negative results that harm their customers interests.

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