How to update reviews

  • Posted by: Admin
  • 18/03/2022

Learn here ho' to update reviews written for orders.

Before assigning reviews you need to register or log in to our system. Once you're in your dashboard please go through the following steps that will guide you how to write reviews and upload them to ReviewZerZ platform

Step1: Assign for Reviews Orders

  • After logging in you will see your dashboard with reviews offers in it. 
  • If you are interested in writing a review click the "Get Job" button for desired offers
  • Note that you are still in your dashboard, but in "My Offers" section
  • Click the "Do Job" button to proceed with review writing


Step 2: Write The Review

  • In the new window opened you can see the instructions how to write the review. These instructions include:
    • Instructions (how to find the company)
    • Stars ranking desired
    • Review text instructions
  • Open a new tab and write the review in desired platform (Google/ Yelp Etc.)
  • When done click the "Review Done" button


Step 3: Upload Review Proof

Now that you're done writing the review, all you need to do is send the proof to the customer (so he will be able to connect you with the review) by doing the following:

  • Click the print screen button on your computer or capture your mobile screen on phone
  • Save the captured screen and upload it by clicking "Choose File" button.
  • Click "Review Complete" to finalize review proof process


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